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dial h30 scale in use
dial h30 1


With almost double the outputs and features such as increased accuracy, user recognition, data auto-sync, and a splash-proof, backlit LCD screen, this model helps you understand and improve your health more easily than ever.

Less than 15-sec body composition analysis

Auto-sync with users’ InBody App profiles

Accurate 4-pole 8-point tactile electrode method

Visceral fat level, waist-hip ratio, soft lean mass, body balance

image scale

H20N Series

Track the progress of your body fat percentage with a smart weight analyzer. This state-of-the-art scale is designed to help you with your wellness journey.

Quick body composition analysis

Works with iOS & Android apps

Accurate 8-point tactile electrode method

Bluetooth connectivity, infinite users

bp170b - product image
BP170(B) image

BP170 (B)

With optional Bluetooth function and InBody App, easily manage your blood pressure on your mobile.
Recommended by Hypertension Canada.

Stores blood pressure values for 2 users

Works with iOS & Android apps

One-touch measurement

Wide screen

BAND2 product in use


More than just a fitness tracker, the BAND2 utilizes an InBody Test to show you how your body is changing from the inside out. Measure your body fat, muscle mass, and body fat percentage anywhere, anytime.

Body composition analysis

Measures heart rate and sleep

EZTraining mode

Activity tracker

PUSh stadiometer in use

PUSH Stadiometer

PUSH is a next-generation, handheld stadiometer that uses an ultrasound sensor to measure an individual’s height with pinpoint accuracy.

Displays temperature and humidity

Works with iOS & Android apps

Perfect for kids

Ultrasound sensor for accurate measurement

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