InGrip Hand Dynamometer

Grip Strength Testing
You’re in good hands with the InGrip Dynamometer, a superior solution for grip strength testing. Ideal for physical therapists, doctors, trainers, and researchers, the InGrip’s advanced features provide impeccable accuracy, ensuring you get a firm handle on your patients’ health.

The InGrip is compatible with the InBody 380, InBody 580, InBody 970.*

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Built Stronger
To ensure the utmost precision when assessing injury recovery or sarcopenia, the InGrip is engineered for reliability, with a load cell sensor, handle guide, and other innovative features.

Adjustable Fit
Accommodate more patients with the InGrip’s roller feature. It allows you to adjust the distance between the palm and fingers, enabling accurate results for a bigger range of hand sizes.

Handle Guide
Many dynamometers allow grip strength tests in multiple positions, leading to inaccuracies. You can trust the InGrip’s design to provide a stable testing position, which reduces user errors.

Load Cell Sensor
Avoid the elastic deformation that occurs in some dynamometers, causing “off” readings. Thanks to the InGrip’s load cell sensor, you can rely on its accurate measurements for years to come.

Wave goodbye to cords and wires. Unlike some dynamometers, which need to be plugged in, the InGrip is a wireless, battery-operated device. Test patients whenever and wherever you need to.

InBody Ecosystem Integration
Part of the InBody Ecosystem of products, the InGrip is compatible with InBody’s professional body composition analyzer line.* Activate Bluetooth to sync the InGrip with your analyzer and send data to LookinBody Web, InBody’s HIPAA-compliant cloud platform.

*To ensure compatibility with InBody InGrip, InBody 270, 570, 770, and 970 units manufactured before March 2024 may require maintenance at InBody’s warehouse. When requesting maintenance, please inform your InBody representative that InGrip compatibility is needed.


Handgrip strength

Measurement range:

2.2 – 220 lb


+/- 1.1 lb


1.4 lb


5.5 x 8.9 x 2.0 (W x L x H): in

Power supply:

3V Battery (AA Battery, two each)

Operating environment:

50 – 104 F, 30 – 75% RH, 70 – 106 kPa

Storage environment:

14 – 158 F, 10 – 80% RH, 50 – 106 kPa
(No condensation)

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